1-Year Mentorship

$5,280.00 Incl. GST

I take you under my wing and share with you, in an unlimited way, everything I’ve lived through myself and that which I learnt from my teachers.

You will learn rapidly and in the most inspirational way.

You will study success stories and some of the biggest failures in history, in order to learn how to embrace challenges and obstacles on your way without fearing failures or making mistakes. You will apply the same mindset of authentic leaders to your own life. And as your mindset shifts, so will the results that you get in life.

We will dig deep into your own mind and heart; we’ll face your fears, past experiences, heal old wounds, learn simple techniques on how to face them all but even more so, unlike many around you, you’ll learn a diligent way to keep your spiritual practice as your priority.

With practical and guided strategies that we map out for you, you will take all of your new perspectives in everything that you do; the way you feel about yourself, the kind of relationship you settle for and/or the kind of service and business you continue to build.

You will peel off the onion all the way to its core where you will find your own sustainable and self-sufficient wisdom and strength to conquer anything that life throws at you.

Sessions are conducted on Skype, Zoom, Face-Time or WhatsApp.

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  • 2 monthly sessions (24 sessions in total)
  • Mentoring – text and email access to me during our coaching
  • Discounts on on-going coaching and all my other programs
  • Access to my in-house team at discounted rates (i.e. website building, social media set up, back-end systems set up)
  • BONUS I: 3 free books I highly recommend
  • BONUS II: Free access to my 7 weeks online course on Buddhism + Free access to all my mini courses (Relationships, Stepparenting, LOA, Stoicism or Authentic Business Success)


  • All prices are in AUD.