Family Therapy


There is no family that is completely functional. All members of the family are complex individuals and as part of a system, family dynamics are interdependent on all its individuals; how they all feel about and behave towards each other.

Amongst other concerns, family therapy helps family resolve conflicts and lack of understanding. This can be hard to achieve without a neutral third party.

In our sessions, I use a range of counselling techniques to identify and re-order the organisation of the family system. This results in all family members feeling understood, heard and safe to express themselves.

Together we look at patterns of interactions between family members, the belief systems, trans-generational transmission of unhelpful patterns of belief and behaviour, and the problem-saturated stories members often get caught into.

I work with both biological and step-families, and families of both straight and LGBTQ parents.



Family therapy session – $180.

All rates are in AUD.

I offer face-to-face and online sessions.