Stepmom’s Guide: How To Stay Sane


Stepparenting is known as one of the hardest life experiences. Most stepmoms develop depression and anxiety; feeling rejected and judged. In addition, the stigma of their surroundings doesn’t allow them to open up. Most couples go through painful marriage breakdowns or they stay hurt and resentful, robbed of their joy for life.

When I became a stepmom, I committed to my happiness and the happines of my family. I know the stepmom’s pain but more importantly, I know the way out.

In this course I share life-changing resources that are easy to integrate in to your life but will keep you sane during hard times. You’ll learn new ways that will not only heal you as a woman and stepmom, but also your relationship and as a consequence it will strenghten your bond with the children.

Take this course to learn new ways of understanding each role in your stepfamily and heal your wounds.


This course is for you if you want to:

Find the peace you long for in your own home…
Take control of your thoughts and reactions…
Respect yourself and learn how to build healthy boundaries…
Let go of anger, anxiety, stress and depression…
Develop a deep bond with your partner to get the support you deserve…


You can choose more than just one course. Each course is $69 ONLY. With a purchase of more than one course you’ll receive a bonus worth $100 to join our best-selling course “Little School of Buddhism” and a free coaching session with me.



  • 1-week online course on healing your wounds and understanding stepfamily dynamics
  • Daily videos and exercises to your inbox
  • 1-1 feedback provided through your final homework
  • 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee
  • Special Offer: $99  $69
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